Debtor led Supply Chain Financing Solution

We are offering large and medium-sized companies debtor-led supply chain financing solution that enables debtors to add extra days on their payment terms without harming their suppliers

What is SupplierPlus?

SupplierPlus is cloud-based Supplier Financing Solution that is working on the blockchain.

We enable large and medium-sized companies to provide supplier financing solution to their suppliers

Our solution can be easily integrated with debtor`s accounting software or used through a cloud-base platform that enables to start using it within a 1-day timeframe.

  • SupplierPlus is built-up to be quicker and easier alternative to banks factoring for all transaction participants from invoice sellers and banks to debtors.

  • For institutional investors, we provide the possibility to finance all suppliers of large debtors while having 100% of debtors’ risk. This means we offer banks possibility to have premium return with low risk - the bank will have a-category debtor risk while financing is paid by suppliers with much higher interest expectations.

  • For the bank, there is no need to deal directly with suppliers as we handle all the suppliers related AML and KYC procedures - this means that there will be only one counterparty, making the whole process much quicker, easier and also more profitable.

How it works

SupplierPlus works in close co-operation with debtors.
  • Supplier delivers goods or services and submits an invoice
  • Debtor approves or rejects the invoice automatically through their accounting system
  • Supplier chooses which invoices and when he wants them to get financed
  • Approved invoices are financed through SupplierPlus
  • Payment to Bank at invoice’s payment date

Our benefits

SupplierPlus creates real monetary value for all transactions participants

Receive longer payment terms without harming Your Suppliers

Get lower purchase pricing by increasing cash turn-around rate for Suppliers

Will not bear any additional costs or increase Your own financial liabilities

Increase supply chain reliability with financially more stable Suppliers

Achieve a good reputation through caring about Your suppliers

Help develop SME sector by providing better liquidity, hence you provide vital contribution for local economy

Providing financing for Supplier at a time when banks are reducing the availability of factoring service

Supplier can sell invoices in the amount needed and when needed

No need for Supplier collaterals, credit history or size threshold

Suppliers will receive the full invoice amount at sale of invoice

Fees are simple to calculate and based on actual invoices financed through SupplierPlus

Does not increase debtor financial liabilities and costs - interest is paid by suppliers.

SupplierPlus will not affect company ratings or worsen the balance sheet

Have the same risk level while earning higher interests - Interest is paid by suppliers who are willing to accept higher interest rates than debtors

Have a better control over funds - financing will be used only for actual deliveries (back-to-back)

No need to do KYC to suppliers, as SupplierPlus is the one and only counterparty to you

Easy access to provide financing to A-category debtors

SupplierPlus solution is a real win-win-win solution for all parties involved.

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All transactions are secured using blockchain technology by Guardtime.